Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girls who pretend to like hockey

So it's playoff season, and the city is all a-twitter with hockey excitement. Just the perfect time for the pseudo-hockey fans to come out of the woodwork. They are easy to spot at the bar, in their just-purchased team t-shirt, often that awful pink girlie one, to remind you "I like hockey. But I'm still a girl. Tee-hee." They chat throughout the whole game, looking uninterested, until a goal is scored- then they cheer like their lives depended on it, and try to catch the eyes of the guys around them. I have friends like this-- a game is on during the week, and they are clueless. They call me in the middle of overtime to chat. They don't know who won what game, or who scored a hat trick the night before. Yet, on Friday night, they are insistent on finding the best spot in town to watch the game, and they are talking to guys about how much they loooooove our team, spitting out facts that I told them earlier that night.

I know that the playoffs are good in getting new fans into the game, and that people are often eager to learn more about a popular sport-- and that's fine. But I just resent the pseudo-cache that people throw around, as though they are the "original" fans. There's nothing wrong with being a bandwagoner... just don't pretend to be otherwise.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am back ladies and gents! Work has been busy and is only about to get more hectic the next two weeks so, but I was finally able to put together a post for you:

Assumptions, we all make them, I know I have. That is something I have tried to work on, to not assume things about people. What has brought on this topic you might ask? Assumptions just came up in a topic of discussion and making judgments before you get to know someone. I must honestly say it brought up something that people have said to me about me before they got to know me. I can't say that I have never judged or assumed something about someone because I have but I try to always have an open mind about the people in my life. I like to believe that everyone in my life is there for a reason and to teach me something about life and myself. I know that is corny and maybe some of you gagged a little when I said that but I honestly do feel that way.

Some assumptions i have been made aware of:

"I thought you were a know it all and cocky" I know that sometimes I can come off cocky because of my sarcastic humor which a lot of my friends have gotten used to. But I am in no means a know it all. I am proud of my education, and I love to learn. I don't think a know it all likes to learn new things or enjoy watching someone do something they know nothing of. that is how I am. I am captivated by people that are handy. There is something great about what people work and build things. This is not the worst assumption that I have had come across my plate.

"I thought you were a slut" Yep this one stings. As most of my friends know and are 95% of my reading audience, I am far from a slut. I can actually be borderline prudish. I often think it is because it does not bother me to talk laugh and discuss sex. Apparently being willing to talk about something and be open to discussing wants and needs makes me a slut. Yeah this assumption crawls right up under my skin and bothers me. There is nothing worse than someone telling you that they thought you were loose. I mean what gives anyone the right to judge someone in that manner is beyond me.

"You are high maintenance" Well some times I can be but not in the ways that people think. I do not demand to have designer things or to have someone constantly buying me things or paying attention to me. I am high maintenance in terms of respect. I have been working every since I was legally able to so I can buy things for myself and it doesn't have to be the most expensive item. Give me a nice cheap pair of sweat pants and a tshirt and you will find me on my couch reading or watching some tv. I don't get any easier than that.

No these aren't the only assumptions I have get, I often get the dumb blonde thing. Well yes sometimes I can be ditzy or dumb or even dim but we all have our moments! I guess the point I am trying to make is don't assume anything about anyone. It reminds me of the statement, don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge me by my cover because chances are I might surprise you! I may seem like I am a dim loose blonde girl but I am really just a woman who just likes to hang out with my friends or just have a quiet night in.

There is no way to over come assumptions other than hoping the person that had those assumptions changes there mind when they get to know you. I am pleased to say that most of the folks in my life will tell you that they were wrong about me. One of my best friends will tell you that he hated me when he met me, 5 years later we are still great friends and I have watched him get married and start a new exciting chapter. Don't judge me by my cover at least read a few chapters to see what I am really like, you might discover something interesting.

Till Next Time!